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Talking to web servers with netcat on MacOS

Apple stopped shipping telnet some MacOS version ago, leaving netcat (nc) as an option to tinker with network protocols in shell. If you're unfamiliar with netcat, it's nifty versatile tool that can be used for various debugging purposes. Let's say you want to send typical…

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MD5 passwords for LDAP with Ruby

As a sysadmin I love Ruby for having so many useful tools in it’s stdlib. For example, when you need to change userPassword value in LDAP, you can use: irb(main)> require 'base64'=> trueirb(main)> require 'digest/md5'=> trueirb(main)> puts Digest::MD5.base64digest 'foobar'OFj2IjCsPJFfMAxmQxLGPw===> nilirb(main)> Base64.encode64 '{MD5}OFj2IjCsPJFfMAxmQxLGPw=='=> "e01ENX1PRmoySWpDc1BKRmZNQXhtUXhMR1B3PT0=\n"or the same…

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Remove EXIF data within UNIX command line

Once in a while you need to remove EXIF data from your pictures so that you can upload them to the Internet safely. While there are a few GUI tools to do that, they are not very convenient. I.e. it’s hard for them to combine…

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